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Three Factors That Exacerbated The Ebola Crisis In Sierra Leone

By Tatiana Flowers From March 23, 1991 to January 18, 2002, unspeakable horrors took place in Sierra Leone that left physical and mental scars on its people. Fast-forward to December 2014, 12 years later, and the country’s wounds are re-opened by the Ebola crisis. One could argue that there are […]

LGBT Rights On The Back Burner In Morocco

By Tatiana Flowers RABAT, MOROCCO — After the Orlando shooting, he told his mom that 50 people were killed.  She said, “Oh my God, that’s so sad.”  But when he explained the full story, she realized many of those killed might have been gay.  Then she changed her mind, “Oh, […]

Islamaphobic Hate Crimes: Now Five Times Higher Than Pre 9/11

Stories by Tatiana Flowers © Islamophobic hate crimes are now five times higher than they were pre-9/11.  According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, before 9/11, there were typically about 30 anti-Muslim hate crimes per year.  After 9/11, that number jumped to about 500. Now, that number hovers around 150. […]