The Rise of Fundamentalism

Following Hezbollah’s Example, Shia Groups are Reaching Out to Iraq’s Embattled Christians

The Popular Mobilization Units – Iraq’s Shia-led paramilitary coalition – are reaching out to the country’s embattled Christian minority. This strategy – which may be the prelude to military cooperation between specific PMU factions and Christian armed groups – mirrors similar efforts by Lebanese armed group Hezbollah – which over […]

How Anti-Immigrant Policies Became Popular in Denmark

The standing ovation made her cry. “That was not fair,” said Pernille Vermund, 41, smiling as she dried her eyes with a tissue. The applause came from members of the recently established Danish right-wing party, The New Conservatives, at the party’s first Annual Meeting in November. Vermund, who is the […]

Three Factors That Exacerbated The Ebola Crisis In Sierra Leone

By Tatiana Flowers From March 23, 1991 to January 18, 2002, unspeakable horrors took place in Sierra Leone that left physical and mental scars on its people. Fast-forward to December 2014, 12 years later, and the country’s wounds are re-opened by the Ebola crisis. One could argue that there are […]

The Top Stereotypes Western Media Perpetuates about South Korea

In the past few month, South Korea has received a lot of media attention. Most of that attention has been surrounding the usual stories of North Korea, political trouble, and Japan-Korea relations. If you are looking for anything new you will probably stumble onto headlines such as the the December […]

The Seven Questions You Need Answers to on Hezbollah

Hezbollah made news this week when Israel informed the United States that the militant group is using U.S. carriers in its fight inside Syria. They’ve also made headlines for their involvement in helping the Syrian government close in on Aleppo in the recent weeks. But most American citizens are probably […]