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Heritage Trips Promote Zoroastrian Revival

“If you’re raised overseas, if you’re raised in diaspora; you have no exposure.” James Ball is talking about his own heritage, which stretches back more than 3000 years, to ancient Persia. Ball, a Yale-educated environmental engineer from New Jersey, is Zoroastrian. Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s first monotheistic religions and […]

Slovenian Church Prepares for 100 Year Anniversary

On St. Marks place is the church of St. Cyril. For almost 100 years the church has been a gathering spot for the Slovenian community of New York. Originally built during the height of Slovenian immigration, the church congregation has fallen in numbers. The remaining members plan on celebrating the […]

Satire and the Panama Papers in Nigeria

  Adeola Fayehun is a Nigerian journalist in New York City who hosts a webshow called “Keeping it Real with Adeola!: African Update.” In her show, Fayehun covers the big stories impacting Nigeria – politics, ISIS, gender equality etc – but she does it through satire. Most recently, Fayehun took […]

Wi-Fi Access Opens A Two Way Window Between the United States and Cuba

Jose Labaut does not lead a life that sounds particularly fascinating. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and commutes to Miami five days a week where he works at a desk in the office of the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department as a software developer. And yet several times […]

Andy’s Last Roll

Andy Chen runs Best Color, one of the remaining 1-hour photo studios in New York City. With digital photography now being the standard, he knows his business develops its last rolls of film after a 26-year run at 4509 5th Avenue, in Brooklyn. A Bloomberg report on Census data found […]

Second-generation Brazilians hold on to cultural identity

Brazilians are often overlooked as immigrants in the U.S. They aren’t Hispanic, they don’t speak Spanish and don’t identify as Latino. A small church in Queens makes room in New York for Brazilians to feel at home. Victor and Kimberly Pardo sit together on a pew at the First Brazilian […]

Liberia to Outsource Its Broken Education System

In an effort to fix Liberia’s education system — in shambles since the country’s prolonged civil wars — the Ministry of Education recently announced plans to outsource it to the for-profit U.S.-based Bridge International Academies organization. As Donna Airoldi reports, the uproar over this unprecedented plan has been strong and […]