Tech Industry Might Be Only Solution To Divide Between Lebanon and Israel

When the war between Lebanon and Israel began, there were no smartphones or wifi routers in every home. But today, technology could be the key to opening relations between the neighbors. Israel, known fondly as the “startup nation,” has seen a plateau in growth as the industry struggles to bring […]

Fewer Science Grads, Creeping BDS Movement Could Hobble Israel’s Tech Boom

  Israel’s high tech sector is second only to California’s Silicon Valley. But it’s unlikely Silicon Wadi will challenge its American rival any time soon. Over the next decade, the Israeli high tech will have to face politically motivated economic pressure from abroad and a lack of skilled workers on […]

Shaking the Foreign Concessions in Liberia

The Liberian economy still runs on palm oil and rubber, but signs point to a future less dependent on sprawling plantations operated by foreign companies. Two years after the Ebola crisis brought the economy to a standstill, attention from government and international agencies to infrastructure, small farmers and land use […]

Canada Embraces Free Trade and Globalization

While isolationism appears to be on the rise elsewhere, Canada recently signed a free trade deal with Europe and is set to begin exploratory trade talks with China. Lisa Thomson explains the importance of Canadian efforts to enhance trade relationships for both re-energizing the national economy and leveraging the country’s […]