Cross Cultural Reporting

India’s Dalit Moment

India’s Dalit Moment By Gabe Carroll   As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi squares off militarily with Pakistan, at home he is facing an older – and perhaps more challenging – threat to his authority. The movement of Dalits – members of India’s lowest castes – emerging in his home […]

Recession Brings Skilled Brazilians to New York

Andréa was a corporate lawyer in Rio de Janeiro until she was laid off a year ago. Despite 15 years of career experience Andréa struggled to find a new job in Brazil’s shrinking labor market, so she sold her belongings and temporarily moved herself to Queens in search of new […]

Turkish Government’s Next Target? U.S. Charter Schools

International political intrigue invaded an otherwise sleepy Los Angeles school board meeting on a recent Tuesday night. “They need to fix the issues in Turkey—this has no place in American public education,” shouted Anoushik Kachadoorian, a member of the public who got up to speak at the podium. She gestured […]

Exiled Kurdish Mayor Watches Violence Level His City

In August, 2015, Abdullah Demirbas sat in a cramped, eight-by-ten-foot cell in southeast Turkey, his heart condition worsening by the day. Able to take only two to three steps in his cell, the fifty-year-old feared his deep vein thrombosis would form blood clots in his legs, which can be deadly. […]

From Abidjan to NYC: An Immigrant Reflects

By Tatiana Flowers Mohamed and his older brother were eager with anticipation when they boarded a plane that would start them on their journey to the U.S. two years ago. They would finally get to try those American burgers they’d only seen on TV. Mohamed Fofana, then 18, had spent […]

How An American Reporter Became Sympathetic To Child Marriage

Each year, 150 million girls are married before they turn 18.  In traditional rural areas where poverty is common, child marriage can sometimes seem like the only choice for some families.  This takes a look at one child bride in particular, who was engaged at 8 in Pakistan.  The husband […]

Fear of Muslims in the U.S.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet tonight for their third nationally televised debate at University of Nevada in Las Vegas. One of the issues on tonight’s agenda is likely to be national security. As Christine Brink reports national security is – for many Americans – linked to the fear […]

How A Refugee from Kosovo is Helping those from Syria

When Flora Mejzinolli arrived in the U.S. as a 12-year-old refugee from Kosovo, she didn’t know that nearly 20 years later she would devote her work life to helping other refugees.   Today, Mejzinolli, 30, is getting involved with grass-roots organizing devoted to educating her community about they can do about the […]