Author: Noah Caldwell

Turkish Government’s Next Target? U.S. Charter Schools

International political intrigue invaded an otherwise sleepy Los Angeles school board meeting on a recent Tuesday night. “They need to fix the issues in Turkey—this has no place in American public education,” shouted Anoushik Kachadoorian, a member of the public who got up to speak at the podium. She gestured […]

Exiled Kurdish Mayor Watches Violence Level His City

In August, 2015, Abdullah Demirbas sat in a cramped, eight-by-ten-foot cell in southeast Turkey, his heart condition worsening by the day. Able to take only two to three steps in his cell, the fifty-year-old feared his deep vein thrombosis would form blood clots in his legs, which can be deadly. […]

Israeli Settlement Houses Face Looming Demolition

This summer, Israeli settlements in the West Bank have again become flashpoints of violence between settlers and neighboring Palestinians. But another, less visible conflict over these Jewish outposts also rages on—strong disagreement within Israeli society about whether the settlements should continue to exist. Noah Caldwell has this report from Ofra, […]

Turkey’s Exiled Journalists Fight to Keep Publishing

Journalists in Turkey are facing unprecedented pressure from the government—newspapers are being taken over, reporters are imprisoned, and Twitter posts can get you sued. But the crackdown is also affecting journalists outside of Turkey, who are suddenly unable to publish. Noah Caldwell has this report about one exiled reporter who’s […]