Author: Lisa Thomson

How A Refugee from Kosovo is Helping those from Syria

When Flora Mejzinolli arrived in the U.S. as a 12-year-old refugee from Kosovo, she didn’t know that nearly 20 years later she would devote her work life to helping other refugees.   Today, Mejzinolli, 30, is getting involved with grass-roots organizing devoted to educating her community about they can do about the […]

Canada Embraces Free Trade and Globalization

While isolationism appears to be on the rise elsewhere, Canada recently signed a free trade deal with Europe and is set to begin exploratory trade talks with China. Lisa Thomson explains the importance of Canadian efforts to enhance trade relationships for both re-energizing the national economy and leveraging the country’s […]

One Native American Man’s Journey From Shame to Healing

In an Upper West Side apartment, surrounded by books, Native American art and old family photos, Zuben Ornelas, 65, describes the role of shame in his life. “What happened to me, part of my story, is that I grew up being ashamed of being native,” said Ornelas. Since the summer, […]

Finding Indigenous Solidarity in Washington Square Park

As the late summer sun hovered above Washington Square Park, children splashed in the square’s iconic fountain, seeking refuge from the heat in the fountain’s crisp water. Meanwhile, more than 1,500 miles away in North Dakota, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and its allies were protesting construction of a new […]

Satire and the Panama Papers in Nigeria

  Adeola Fayehun is a Nigerian journalist in New York City who hosts a webshow called “Keeping it Real with Adeola!: African Update.” In her show, Fayehun covers the big stories impacting Nigeria – politics, ISIS, gender equality etc – but she does it through satire. Most recently, Fayehun took […]