Author: jadsleiman

On East Jerusalem streets, Palestinians Say Settlements Trump Social Media as Source of Violence

 Israel has been grappling with lone-wolf Arab violence against Jews for more than a year. The identities of the attackers — young Palestinians often killed at the scene — are clear. But their motivations remain a source of debate. Israeli leaders blame social media incitement. But Palestinians who live on the East Jerusalem streets […]

Fewer Science Grads, Creeping BDS Movement Could Hobble Israel’s Tech Boom

  Israel’s high tech sector is second only to California’s Silicon Valley. But it’s unlikely Silicon Wadi will challenge its American rival any time soon. Over the next decade, the Israeli high tech will have to face politically motivated economic pressure from abroad and a lack of skilled workers on […]

Flawed Education Development Programs Follow Afghan Children to Queens

  Since 2002, the US has spent $17 billion rebuilding Afghanistan. About $1 billion of that went to establishing an educational system from the ground up. .. A Buzzfeed News investigation discovered many schools supposedly built by the agency were unused, derelict or were simply never existed. Journalist Azmat Khan […]