Author: Daniela Castro

Colombian Victims Abroad Sought Justice in Amended Peace Deal

Colombia signed a new and final peace deal with the biggest rebel group in the country last month. In around 30 days of meetings with the Colombian president, different groups of the society had the opportunity to express their concerns on the content of the original agreement. Victims abroad, however, were […]

When Labels Only Make Sense in Politics

In the current presidential election in the United States, the “Latino vote” has been a central focus in the political debate. It could prove decisive, in fact, in electing the next president to the White House. The estimates and projections made by organizations that have studied the Latino vote and […]

Colombian Transgender Kids Find a Brighter Future in the US

NGOs in the country continue to fight discrimination Q is 10-years-old. He is skinny, has brown afro hair and is dark-skinned. He has a beautiful smile and an energetic spirit. He loves to dance, climb, read and run. He has many friends and loves to eat candy. At the age […]