Author: Christine Brink

How Anti-Immigrant Policies Became Popular in Denmark

The standing ovation made her cry. “That was not fair,” said Pernille Vermund, 41, smiling as she dried her eyes with a tissue. The applause came from members of the recently established Danish right-wing party, The New Conservatives, at the party’s first Annual Meeting in November. Vermund, who is the […]

Fear of Muslims in the U.S.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet tonight for their third nationally televised debate at University of Nevada in Las Vegas. One of the issues on tonight’s agenda is likely to be national security. As Christine Brink reports national security is – for many Americans – linked to the fear […]

American Muslims Say They Fear Hate Crimes

New York — The man came running out of nowhere. He was screaming and cursing at Mahwish, 16, who was about to meet her father at a parking lot in Queens, New York. “F*** you, you Muslim!” the stranger cried. Mahwish, now 20, no longer remembers the rest of his […]

Beyoncé Protest in New York Fails

The American pop star Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl – the biggest sports event in the U.S. – has sparked an uproar for what critics say are its pro-black and anti-police messages. Beyoncé’s performance included Black Pride symbols and references to the Black Panther Party. Black rights activists applauded […]