Author: Christina Thornell

Recession Brings Skilled Brazilians to New York

Andréa was a corporate lawyer in Rio de Janeiro until she was laid off a year ago. Despite 15 years of career experience Andréa struggled to find a new job in Brazil’s shrinking labor market, so she sold her belongings and temporarily moved herself to Queens in search of new […]

As Olympic Memory Fades, Uncertainty in Favelas Hardens

On a cloudy afternoon in late August Joanna Darck heard shots ringing through her favela in Rio de Janeiro. She quickly grabbed her 11-month-old baby, Isabella, and sat on a mattress on her kitchen floor. She placed her crying baby on her lap and waited for the gunfire to die […]

Second-generation Brazilians hold on to cultural identity

Brazilians are often overlooked as immigrants in the U.S. They aren’t Hispanic, they don’t speak Spanish and don’t identify as Latino. A small church in Queens makes room in New York for Brazilians to feel at home. Victor and Kimberly Pardo sit together on a pew at the First Brazilian […]

U.S. Brazilians Stay Away from Brazil For Fear of Zika

U.S. Brazilians Stay Away from Brazil For Fear of Zika By Christina Thornell The Zika outbreak is affecting Brazilians in New York despite being 4000 miles away. As diagnoses rise Brazilians are reconsidering traveling back home – especially pregnant women, who are afraid of contracting the virus suspected to cause […]