Gone are the days of globetrotting correspondents traveling first class and hobnobbing with rock stars and diplomats. Today’s foreign correspondents are young, resourceful, adventurous, as likely to be freelancers as staffers, and intensely curious about people and the global forces that shape our lives.

Today’s correspondents report in video, print, audio, photo and often all four. They understand how to live and report cheaply. They see the world as their marketplace, selling their work in different formats to media outlets across the globe.

Our International Reporting Program prepares this new breed of foreign reporters to explore the world and share the stories of real people. Classes cover economics and globalization, human rights, immigration, religion, climate change, U.S. foreign policy and development, preparing students to put stories in global context, avoid stereotypes and help audiences understand the trends that link us all.

We also prepare students to understand the global media marketplace, how to market yourself, how to pitch, where to pitch, how to sell the same story in four different formats to multiple media houses around the world. We explore the business models funding international reporting as well as the myriad grant and fellowship opportunities available to reporters.

Most of our students do their summer internship abroad in a media house or with a bureau of a major international media organization. A stipend and a portion of the airfare are provided by the school. Students undertake a two-day risk awareness and emergency medical training workshop. In most years the class will also travel to an international news hot spot to get a hands-on understanding of the issues involved. In 2016, the class will travel to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Students spend their time in the program reporting in one of the diverse immigrant populations that make up New York City, such as the Burmese in Ozone Park, West Africans in Harlem, Mexicans in Jackson Heights, and Chinese and Koreans in Flushing. This experience provides countless opportunities for reporting that will hone skills needed to report overseas.

Our faculty includes some of the most experienced reporters working in international reporting from The New York Times, Al Jazeera, NPR, Reuters and Quartz. Guests are drawn from the worlds of international journalism, development, diplomacy, foreign policy and activism.

We also host an international journalist in residence – an exile from war or a repressive regime that opposes free press.

Alums of the program work around the world and in the U.S. in media such as The New York Times, the BBC, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, Buzzfeed, Fusion, CBS, The Independent, the Jakarta Globe, The Phnom Penh Post and Premium Times (Nigeria).